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Sphera CEO panelist at HBI 2019 summit in London

Teo Sardà, the CEO of Sphera Global Health Care, participated in the Healthcare Business International (HBI) conference as a speaker. The conference took place in Westminster, London from April 8 to 10, 2019.

Sardà was invited to speak at a conference about Healthcare revolving around Sub Saharan Africa among three other panelists: Dr. Shrey Viranna, the CEO of Life Healthcare, Dr. Stuart Bennet, CEO of Healthcare, Family Office to UAE Royal Family Member as an emergency physician and Audrey Obara, a Senior Investment Manager of Swedfund.

In the panel, Sardà’s emphasized the importance of catering the services provided to the local context. He stated “Although we are a healthcare service provider and provide services through the app, suitcase and various other online platforms, we need to have doctors working locally. Even if we have a nice app, and great telemedicine equipment we need to be connected to the medical ecosystem.”

The HBI 2019 summit brought together healthcare professionals from around the world including but not limited to investors, CEOs and advisors. These professionals come from almost every branch of healthcare – from hospitals to labs and from nursing homes to homecare.

Currently, Sphera Global Health Care has projects in Morocco, Rwanda, Gabon and Angola, with plans to expand to Mali, Ghana, Madagascar and Ivory Coast.

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