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Sphera takes part in the African Tech Summit in Kigali

Sphera Global Health Care took part in the African Tech Summit from the 13th to the 15th of February of 2019 by presenting the company’s telehealth suitcases and AmakuruDoctor, a mobile app to scale up medical services.

The two-day summit convened over 500 entrepreneurs and business representatives from across the globe. Andrew Fassinidge the founder of the Africa Tech Summit states: “The essence of the Africa Tech Summit is to bring together investors, policy makers and entrepreneurs in the area of technology”. The majority of speakers were entrepreneurs coming from all over Africa to talk about their businesses, which were mainly in the fields of fin-tech, healthcare, artificial intelligence, block chain, digital business, transportation and e-commerce. A large majority of the attendees were venture capitalists looking to invest in startups, in addition to accelerators and insurance companies.

Rwanda’s booming market makes the country one of the most attractive economies on the African continent with economic growth of more than 7% per year over the last 18 years. Rwanda has become an investor magnet because of its stable political climate and its economic growth. The government launched initiatives such as Kigali Special Economic Zone, a designated area, which accommodates manufactures companies. The government gives investors access to plots at a subsidized rate among other incentives.

Sphera Global Health Care had a great impact on the health sector of Rwanda. The Rwandan government signed a deal with Oshen Healthcare Rwanda Limited that enables Sphera Group to manage the King Faisal Hospital of Kigali. Sphera provides management services, putting technology at the center of its strategy to deliver the highest quality medical care.

Additionally, AmakuruDoctor, the mobile application developed by Sphera Global HealthCare, has launched its proof of concept in Rwanda. The app aims to facilitate patients to virtually interact with doctors from Oshen King Faisal Hospital for medical advice, appointment requests while at their homes or offices. With AmakuruDoctor app, patients can access video consultation symptom checker, talk to a doctor 24/7, get written medical advice as well as seek a second medical opinion before they can physically go for diagnosis at the hospital.

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