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Sphera Launch the first telemedicine sites in Morocco’s landlocked areas

The Ministry of Health, the SMT (Moroccan Society of Telemedicine) and Sphera launch the first telemedicine sites in Morocco’s landlocked areas. The teleconsultation activities of the SMT and Sphera were launched at the level of the provinces of Midelt and Azilal. They will be extended to three other sites in November 2018.

The teleconsultation activities, coupled with the supply of medicines, will enable the populations of these three localities (Anfgou: 4,500 inhabitants, Imilchil: 9,000 inhabitants, Zaouit Ahensal: 10,900 inhabitants) to benefit from medical services provided by distance and in real time by medical doctors from the Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences.

Thanks to the technological equipment installed by the SMT and Sphera, patients will be able, with the help of a locally based health professional who is well trained in telemedicine practices, to benefit from teleconsultations provided by doctors specialized in different medical disciplines (pediatrics, gynecology-obstetrics, dermatology, pulmonology nephrology, internal medicine ..) selected according to the epidemiological profile of the sites in question.

The equipment installed at the health center level will enable doctors based in Casablanca to carry out teleconsultation in conditions similar to those of conventional medicine. A video conferencing as well as the connected medical devices (sphygmomanometer, electrocardiogram, thermometer, dermatoscope … etc.), will allow the doctors to carry out their consultations then to propose to the patients an adequate care.

This project aims ultimately to cover 160 rural communes and a population of nearly 2 million people knowing an important sanitary isolation.