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Sphera and KFH awarded for their Telemedicine project

The DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards have granted the Award for Digital Innovation to Sphera Global Health Care in partnership with the King Faisal Hospital for his innovative work of the integration project of telemedicine in community health centers in rural areas in Rwanda.

The insurance company DKV has selected the project “Assessing the role and potential impact of connecting rural facilities with the Pediatric unit of King Faisal Hospital” for the Digital Innovation Award. This is a category within the DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards that recognizes those projects that are committed to innovation in e-Health from a non-for-profit perspective. The objective of the DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards is to reward and recognize those entities and anonymous people in the health sector who work in helping to change the world.

The awarded project wills to demonstrate that the use of telemedicine can anticipate diagnosing earlier pediatrics health problem, and provide guidance treatment in the initial stages of the disease avoiding some of the complications of delay in diagnosis and care.

In collaboration with the Rwanda Ministry of Health in its initial phase, the project will evaluate the impact of telemedicine in rural community health centers of Rwanda implementing Telepediatrics suitcases equipped with biomedical devices. The telemedicine solution will enable pediatricians of the most specialized hospital in the country, Oshen – King Faisal Hospital, deliver care in local communities, resulting in less disruption, less queuing at health facilities as well as unnecessary referrals.



Sphera Global Health Care and Oshen King Faisal Hospital are creating networks -integrating medicine, IT systems and data – with the collaboration of providers, physicians, payers and patients with the aim to improve the patient experience while decreasing the cost of care provision.

DKV Seguros belongs to the German insurance group ERGO and the reinsurance company Munich Re.