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Providing specialised care through our iClinics in Azerbaijan

The Telemedicine Points saved 79% of visits to see a specialist in Baku.

Sphera’s iClinics in Azerbaijan enable health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and connect patients from remote locations with specialists that are unavailable in the region, through video consultation.

During the last three months, a total of 489 consultations were provided with an average consultation time of 19 minutes. Most common tests were done in the field of endocrinology (116) , cardiology (100) and nephrology (82).

The patient feedback was almost excellent: 92% of patients were satisfied by the visit and consultation, 93% of patients were satisfied by nursing staff, 95% of patients were satisfied were the quality of the doctors and 94% would like to visit again.

By introducing Digital triage and Specialists iVisits, health systems can redirect medical resources from hospitals toward options, which result in greater satisfaction for patients.