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16.300 km in medical travel distance saved in 1 month with Health Suitcases in Morocco

Sphera Global Health Care designed a health suitcase that allows patients in remote areas of Morocco to instantaneously connect with specialized doctors in trustworthy hospitals. The infographic below looks at data concerning Sphera Health Care’s launch of iClinic suitcases in rural Morocco.

This venture has been launched in three villages so far in Morocco. While patients initially needed to travel hundreds of kilometers to receive professional medical advice, they now can receive it locally. Patients visit their local village doctor, get tested and instantaneously receive medical advice from specialized doctors. About 80% of medical issues were treated on the spot where 20% of patients needed to be transferred to more specialized hospitals. After analyzing the data, 70% of the patients who visited the iClinics were women and the majority of their medical concerns where either related to pregnancy or gastroenterology.

Sphera Global Health Care has also had success in launching iClinics in Azerbaijan. Over 155 patients were consulted in 25 days and the most common health issues were in the fields of endocrinology, cardiology, and nephrology. After these consultations, patients rated the service as above average (4.39/5) and 87% of patients were so satisfied that they would visit the iClinic again.