A fraudulent activity has been encountered using Sphera Global Health Care name.
Over the past few days, we have detected a phishing campaign that fraudulently uses the name of our company.
The attack relies on an email in which the impersonator details an open personnel hiring process, and on a personal interview via chat in which the candidates are asked for personal, credit card and bank account information.
The email addresses used so far to establish initial contact have been spheraglobalhealth@gmail.com and spheraglobalhealth@dorset.email.
We at Sphera Global Health Care wish to take this opportunity to fully disassociate ourselves from this activity and, in passing, to inform all of our clients and any potential victims. We similarly inform you that we have referred the issue to the relevant European authorities.
If you have received an email or had a chat and/or provided information requested under the conditions described herein, please inform Sphera Global Health Care immediately and, if you think it appropriate, the pertinent legal authorities.
If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service Department by writing to contact@spheraglobal.com.