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Fighting Cataract Blindness in Africa


July, 2016. Sphera Global Health Care and Oshen Healthcare held for the sixth time an ophthalmological expedition in Africa providing both human and financial resources.


As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, last month of July a team of ophthalmologists from the Barraquer Foundation travelled from Barcelona to Rwamagana in Rwanda with more than 500 kilos of surgical equipment, medicines and consumables. Over the course of a week the team evaluated 650 patients, operated on 198 cataract patient and donated 450 reading glasses. The team was lead by Dr. Elena Barraquer (surgeon of the expedition), one anesthetist, one instrumentalist nurse, one ophthalmologist in charge of triage and medical consultations, and three volunteers that worked as field assistants. One of these volunteers is an employee of Sphera.

Through Sphera Corporate Volunteer Program the employees are being involved in CSR causes; they defend the company’s values which strengthen their professional skills and the organization as a whole. They participate in real context activities and live a personal and deeply human experience.

Marcelo Roberto Bauer, customer care assistant, was a volunteer of the expedition’s team in Rwanda. In his words: “The experience that I have lived is unforgettable, and I´ll carry all these moments for the rest of my life. I will never forget the expression of hope that patients had while waiting their turn for surgery, I will never forget the look of joy when the day after a surgery the bandage was removed from their eyes and they were able to see again, I will never forget the smiles and the gratitude of the operated patients and their families.”

Through its social activity, Sphera Global Health Care and Oshen Healthcare contribute to the development of healthcare all over the world, thus bridging the gap between local and international medical services so that everyone can have access to international-quality medical services.

Our very nature as a healthcare company makes us strive to constantly improve the well-being of people, of organizations and of society in general.