At Sphera Global Health Care, we take care of the medical needs of today’s diverse, complex and dynamic society, responding to this global demand with a meticulously tailored service.
It is our belief that everyone deserves easier access to and better control over their healthcare options.
In our commitment to improve healthcare delivery for the well-being of the population, we are constantly evaluating our products and solutions to ensure an excellent medical experience for the patient.
We think strategically and drive innovation and technology in the right direction to reinforce local medical delivery and provide individuals all over the world with options that best serve their medical needs.

Medical and surgical expeditions

Coordination with leading medical agencies on medical-healthcare cooperation programmes that provide both assistance and training and take quality medicine to developing countries.

Continuing training programmes for doctors

Coordination, management and development of educational programmes that foster participation and bring new knowledge to the medical community.

Partnership agreements

With local governments, public agencies and private companies to promote and defend the Universal Right to Healthcare.


• Improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare for all people
• Enhance access to high quality of healthcare
• Use technology to empower people to take control of their health
• Create products and services that make healthcare more accessible
• Offer the information people need to make informed decisions